Wayne Simes Builder/Carpenter Rangehood Ducting Specialists

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What rangehood should I buy?

Before choosing the Rangehood you must firstly decide what style you would like, Universal (under cupboard), Slide out, fully Concealed or Canopy, are the popular styles. Secondly, you need to ask yourself how much and what type of use your cook top will have. If you use your cooktop for a lot of Wok cooking, grilling or frying then you will need a rangehood powerful enough to efficiently move those types of fumes, steams and gases. A minimum air movement of 600m3/h is recommended.

Should I duct my Rangehood?

This is where we come in. Ducting your Rangehood is our speciality as we will duct your rangehood correctly with a minimum amount of bends in your duct, to ensure it is quiet and working to its maximum efficiency.

Whilst cooking, all the grease and odours, humidity, smoke and heat can be taken out of your kitchen and taken out into the atmosphere. A ducted rangehood will protect your kitchen walls and cupboards from grease build up and steam.

We can duct in a number of ways; through your wall or through your roof.

Never should a rangehood be ducted into your roof cavity, this can lead to a fire in your roof space and vermin can also be attracted to the smell and grease deposits. With re-circulation rangehoods, the large fat deposits are caught in the filters and a fine vapor of grease is sent into the air which settles on top of cupboards and architraves on the other side of the room.


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